Throwback to Gunna wearing the Black Calcination Hoodie

In 2019 I released my first hoodie ever.
I just want to take a moment to appreciate the fact that the first hoodie that I ever launched was designed with a certain intention.

I designed it for Gunna. I had this vision of him wearing this hoodie and if it wasn't for him maybe that the design itself would have been way different.
I chose to design for Gunna because his music is extremely inspiring for me. I am trying to make it out the mud and his lyrics are motivating me to do better each and every day and to chase my goals.
Today I am restocking this iconic hoodie and I really wanted to take some time to reflect on what has happened to me during the last few years. Firstly, I feel really grateful that Gunna chose to wear my hoodie, the very first one.

I think that it really opened doors for me in the sense that I realized that I'm able to get what I truly want when I set my heart to it.
Secondly, I feel really blessed that I'm able to achieve my goals and to be surrounded by people with a very strong work ethic and that care about me.

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