Where to find Cool and Fascinating Hoodies? IgorJasinski.com

It's hard to say - if not impossible - that you have a really good streetwear wardrobe without a few cool hoodies. It's a crucial piece to have in one's closet in my opinion.

Do you want a unique hoodie? I am about to release the Calcination Hoodie which is a significant project for me so I thought that I should elaborate upon it a bit more.

The next hoodie that I will be releasing will be our first hoodie entirely crafted in Belgium. We are extremely proud of that. The hoodie will be of extremely high-quality cloth, a mix of cotton and polyester.

One of the things that makes this hoodie so cool is that it will feature embroidery and high-quality printing in relief. This will grant to the hoodie a very neat finish. 

I will be releasing soon a very limited batch of these high-end hoodies. If you want to buy the Calcination Hoodie you will have to be patient a bit more... 

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What do you think? Have you been looking for a cool hoodie? Are you impatient about this drop?